Wednesday, February 1, 2017


To All My Readers:

This blog has been left for dead ever since I took off to college. I tried my hardest to keep this page decent, or at least, alive, but my trials have often times led to failure. To be fair, I'd like to apologize to the people who still frequent this blog, but always end up looking through posts from years ago. I'd like to change that. Well, I have exciting news!!! At least, for me, it's exciting...

I'M GOING TO START WORKING ON MY BLOGS AGAIN!!! This blog and my photography blog (, hopefully.

I've always wanted to return to blogging, but I just never got to doing it because of the time crunch of university life, but as I'm nearing my uni life's end, I made the conscious decision to overhaul my pages.

There are going to be a lot of changes around here.

The pages' layout has to change. I'll be thinking of new names for the pages, and all that. Don't judge me too much. A large majority of my posts were from high school and early days of my college life. I'd like to think that I grew a lot through my years. I'll be cleansing my pages of terrible content and grammar (yes, Filipino grammar included), too! New content will be coming!!! You can expect more matured, relevant content, since I did sort of mature through the years.

I'm just very, very excited to get back to my calling. I hope some of you are, too.

For the meantime, you can look back at all my embarrassing tomfoolery. Enjoy it while it's still there, maybe.

See ya 'round!


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